Enter “emergency” Procedures

I guess you could say that I had the equivalent of a mini-meltdown today.

I don’t want to trouble anyone with the details, but essentially what happened was a lot of bad things, bad news mostly, happening within a 48-hour span, and without enough “cool,calm, and collected”-ness in my personality to deal with it all. Not only is this the obvious money matters but medical troubles as well. No, I’m not sick, but certain medications and doctors aren’t even attempting to work with me so I could at least try to figure stuff out.

I was able to come up with an agreement with my mom about some payments, which helped a little bit, until I have to go see my doctors in October/November for a referral to go see yet another strange doctor for my pills. This wouldn’t be so bad, except that I don’t want to go to a new, strange doctor for my pills, I want to stay with the same doctor that I’ve had for 4 years now, that has watched me grow up, essentially, and was able to provide me with much needed TLC, constantly.

Some hour ago or so, I was¬†able to stop feeling sorry for myself, and after lounging about the bed, and looking up weird recipes –which I can’t afford to make at the moment– online I stumbled upon this old recipe that I completely forgot I bookmarked for just such days.

It was actually two recipes for “emergency” days: Vanilla Bean Rice Pudding and Blackberry Lemon ¬†Crumble. I don’t have Vanilla Bean currently handy, and while I kick myself for not being prepared and stocking up when I had the chance, I do have two cartons of blackberries, which is exactly what this recipe called for, 2 cups.

I’m eagerly waiting for the results of this crumble as we speak and I must say it smells lovely, and it doesn’t hurt that my hands are all lemony from the zest either.

It’s just a nice pick – me – up, since I couldn’t think of anything else that would do the trick.

Oh wait, I can read my newly-borrowed Gone With the Wind. Perfection.

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